Financial Services

    Time is both critical and costly in this sector, where the speed and volume of transactions make analysis and insight challenging. Any time lag decreases the value of the data, as functions of control, risk and compliance are then dealing with past events, rather than being able to intervene and control what’s happening now.

    Financial Services organisations are often supported by hugely complex and disparate applications and data sources, enabling processes and workflow that are notoriously difficult to streamline and control. It is too costly and transformational to ‘start again’ with these architectures and so the answer lies in delivering real-time deep operational analytics.

    It is key to identify the critical KPIs which give visibility to operational process, and the underlying data streams which inform those measures. By capturing, integrating and monitoring those data streams 24/7, Xpertrule is then able to apply complex decision logic and predictive algorithms, to trigger real-time alerts. Non-compliant transactions are caught and stopped much more quickly, which can have a real and positive impact on the bottom line. Alerts to mobile device enable ‘trading floor’ operatives to intervene and take action in near real-time. By delivering this intelligence ‘at the edge’ and without the need for cloud-based processing, the analysis, alert and action happens faster than ever before.


  • Analytics Engine

  • Business Rules Automation

  • Expert Systems