Digital Technology is driving opportunity and change across the Manufacturing industry. For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), this means a potential new revenue stream and a disruptive shift in the value chain between manufacturers and owner/operators. OEMs can now ship plant/assets to their customer base and monitor the usage, condition and asset lifecycle remotely. Whereas an asset intensive business may have employed an asset maintenance workforce dealing with multiple disparate assets (and manufacturers), an alternative model is for proactive/preventative maintenance to be provided as a service by the OEM. The key is who captures, analyses and uses machine data. Xpertrule enables local asset intelligence, which enables human intervention on-site, to prevent costly asset downtime, using deep learning from data to diagnose, alert, troubleshoot and maintain assets more effectively.


    Retailers are looking for competitive advantage from near-instant edge analytics — where sales data, images, coupons used, traffic patterns, channel interactions provide unprecedented insights into consumer behaviour. This intelligence can help retailers better target merchandise, sales, and promotions and help in the approval of credit, personalisation of the shopping experience and dynamic pricing / promotions.


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