Oil and Gas

    To serve modern energy demand, the oil & gas industry operations and supply chain must deliver seamless, consistent outputs. These are asset and engineer intensive operations served by multiple complex value chains.

    With so many variables, finding a way to monitor these expensive capital assets and use that data to improve efficiency, drive better performance, enable innovation and keep fuel flowing has always been a major challenge for the oil and gas industry. With advances in connectivity enabling ‘smart assets’, the industry has now been revolutionised by the ability to tap rich streams of operational data in real-time. The ability to predict equipment failures along the supply chain, track its performance in real time, and help refine designs and processes to prevent those failures in the future, is now an achievable reality.

    Xpertrule provides ‘Distributed Intelligence’ which enables both local and global monitoring and analytics of asset and enterprise data sources. When combined with people (engineers) through mobile interactions for intelligent alerts and troubleshooting advice, this becomes a powerful ecosystem. The business opportunities are significant for increased asset utilisation, improved operational efficiency, and improved customer experience.


  • Analytics Engine

  • Expert Systems