Public Sector & Health

    Technology has been supporting the provision of public services for many years, but is now being revolutionised by more intelligent, knowledge based systems.

    Traditional interactions between the public and local/national government services have been overly complex, difficult to navigate and understand eligibility and access. The automation of interactions between service provider and the public, using expert knowledge to drive the conversation flow, has multiple benefits including customer satisfaction (ease of navigation through complex eligibility rules) and cost (reducing the number and increasing the quality of contact centre interactions). By embedding expert knowledge systems into web channels, the user is guided to the right services and outcomes every time, and as efficiently as possible

    Health services, particularly where diagnosis is core to the interaction, can benefit hugely from expert systems. The combined knowledge of medical expertise in a particular field can be structured as questions, rules and workflow, to guide either patient (self-service) or practitioner (or both) to the most likely diagnosis AND treatment plan.


  • Business Rules Automation

  • Expert Systems